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Minggu, 30 Agustus 2015

Yess, Can Access This Blog Again

Hmph.. More than 2 years I can't access this blog because of my schizophrenia 'kambuh lagi'(bahasa Indonesia). Thanks to God in 27 August yesterday that I tried to recovery my password gmail (my second email for making this blog. My first email is yahoo) and it's successed. Feels so really happy just because of it. And more happy when I reading again half of my writings that has been saved in this blog as a draft. It's so really memorable things. I had forgoted many things in this blog, what I wrote. Be grateful cause I choosed to try recovered my gmail again.
This my first post after more than 2 years I can't access this blog again. Too many story has been lefted and even dissapeared. Now I will try to start writing in here again. Eventough that I've my new website too But I not really developed that site until now. I will start tommorow to upload my new style template into and post new poem/poetry, story in this blog too. This is my fist blog. I love this blog so much :'). Ahhh~~ Thank God.

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