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Senin, 29 April 2013

Even If

April 29

You had know I love you, I am cared you
Altough we are different
I knowing it, you know too
I don't care it, I has fallin for you
And I know that you are the right person
I love you, I need you so
You are nice, really different than others girl I've met
Out and inner of you are really beauty
You are truly like a angel
I want you more than as a close friend
I want you to be my girl
I promise I'll be with you always
Give it all my loves, my heart to you
I'm yours...
But it's too late
And we can't even be together anymore
With the cruelly times, we are not close like was again
It's like a big wall or a long bridge are amongst us
I was think that we are can be a couple
I hope so it can be happened in the future
And can be together always for a long time we're lived
I was think that you like me too
And wish for you loved me
Altough we was a close friend, but
My heart wanna be as your lover
Lovely, has I surrender?
Or keep it up?
In my hopeless with this feelings
Maybe this all are trully my faults
But, I just wanna you know this that I'm still loves you
*Sigh* You can't even heard this voices of my feelings calling for you
My bad, being like idiot
Even if I  miss you, I loves you, we are can't be together...
Even if.... .

17th Poems in this April
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