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Monday, April 15, 2013


By : Prasetyo Peuru Henry Putra
Disclaimer by : Fujimaki Tadatoshi
Rated : T+
Genre : Sport, Romance, Friendship,
Chara : - Kuroko - Momoi -
Warning : - OOC -
Story 1 part 1: "First Meet"
In Teikou Middle School, Kuroko joined Basketball Club to fulfill his promise. But, he’s just enter to string C. For fulfil his promise, Kuroko trainning hard more than else. Even when the practice ended, he still stayed in the court for trainning until midnight. One upon time, spread a rumors that in evening show a ghost in basketball court. To fix that rumors, Momoi as the manager of Teikou Middle School Basketball Club decided to check the court by herself in the evening. And, ... ???! When she entered to basketball court, she heard sound of basketball bounced. She felt little scarry of that. “Who’s playing basketball in the time like this?” Momoi wondered. She’s walking upstraight to check and ensure it. She really shock that the rumors are true. She looks a ghost playing basketball. The dribble really fast. A ghost can playing basketball. She can’t seen  obviously that ghost, the ghost dissapear. Feels really scary Momoi try to runaway. But, she’s fallsdown ... *puff* Kuroko stop playing. His looking for the sound was came up. “ehh’? Who’s that?” said Kuroko in his mind. His saw her. Then run immediately close to her. “Aww~ my legs..” Momoi moan. ... “Hey.. Are you okay?” Ask Kuroko. “Huh?” Momoi nervous. She’s turned toward the noise. “Ahh~~~” screamed Momoi. Kuroko shocked. “Quiet please. I’m human!” Kuroko trying to explained. The situation return to normal again. “Sorry, I think was you’re a ghost.” “Eh~ ..It’s okay, no problem. Umm.. By the way, you’re legs! Are you okay? Can you stand up? Maybe I can help you?” “I’m okay. Don’t worry. And.. thanks”. Then Momoi try to stand up by herself. But, “Ahh~” She will fallsdown again. Kuroko catched her. “You’re legs still hurt. I must be help you!” Said  Kuroko explicitly. Momoi just observe intently to his eyes. *dugdugdug..* Momoi heart beated so fast. Maybe that sounds heard by him too. Momoi blushed.
» to be continued...
Thanks for reading my second fanfiction story. It’s fanfiction are my first fanfiction in english language too. I feels so really happy. Thanks to Miku Hatsune, without her maybe I can’t make this fanfiction. Haha... ‘cause I promised to her was to make a fanfiction about KnB. I must fulfill my promised, just like Tetsu (Kuroko). And this is it, you’re has been finished to read it all the one part of the story. I dedicated this fanfiction for her. She was support me, help me got any idea to making it. Thanks a lot to Misaki-chan. Gbu. And for reader, thank you I said again. Hope you’re enjoyed and happy. Please for the critique and suggestions. God bless you all... ~~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~~
KUROxMOMO Story 1 part 2 : “Awesome!”

Kuroko and Momoi now become partner in Teikou Middle School. Momoi love Kuroko eventough Kuroko still stayed cool and not said about his feelings. Momoi always cared to Kuroko as Manager Club Basketball. Kuroko love Momoi too but for the others condition his must focus on tournament with the team. One time Kuroko show his first ability in the playing match team. It’s called Magic Drive Phantom Shot. Every poeple in the court just like dreaming cannot see what his doing. But the ball always in the score has to be 21-12 in first match until playing off his combined his skill with technique missdirection so impressive. Momoi looks so happy seeing Kuroko as her Prince Lover. And the match is ended with score 98-42. “Awesome! Kuroko your so amazing.”, said Momoi to Kuroko. “And the team too so Great!”. Then Kuroko said too Momoi, “Thanks Momoi-Chan :)”.
To be continued.....

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