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Selasa, 30 April 2013

NaPoWriMo Has Ended Yesterday

April Poems over ..yoowsh~
I just made 17 Poems in April 2013 T_T)a »» 30-17=23. Should be 23 Poems must I made. But didn't. Phew~ It's Ok. For me the Important is I can participated and be fun with it. Yeah~ next, I will participate again and doing my best. Yuhuu~  \(^ ^)/

Visit " napowrimo.net " it's nice d(~_^)b

Senin, 29 April 2013

Even If

April 29

You had know I love you, I am cared you
Altough we are different
I knowing it, you know too
I don't care it, I has fallin for you
And I know that you are the right person
I love you, I need you so
You are nice, really different than others girl I've met
Out and inner of you are really beauty
You are truly like a angel
I want you more than as a close friend
I want you to be my girl
I promise I'll be with you always
Give it all my loves, my heart to you
I'm yours...
But it's too late
And we can't even be together anymore
With the cruelly times, we are not close like was again
It's like a big wall or a long bridge are amongst us
I was think that we are can be a couple
I hope so it can be happened in the future
And can be together always for a long time we're lived
I was think that you like me too
And wish for you loved me
Altough we was a close friend, but
My heart wanna be as your lover
Lovely, has I surrender?
Or keep it up?
In my hopeless with this feelings
Maybe this all are trully my faults
But, I just wanna you know this that I'm still loves you
*Sigh* You can't even heard this voices of my feelings calling for you
My bad, being like idiot
Even if I  miss you, I loves you, we are can't be together...
Even if.... .

17th Poems in this April
#Poems #Lyrics

Selasa, 23 April 2013

Want To Become Stronger

April 23

Today even I lose again
But it's not bad after all
Their nice person however, such funny
Make me feels to try again next time playing good with my best
I'm of course don't want to be give up easily
I will try again and again to got my best playing
Just was I really hope that this time I can show my best skill in the game
But it's such a naive thinking in my mind
I had not playing for a long time
And when I'm back to playing again, it still not routine because of my others activities
If I can more playing everyday, sure I can be playing well again
And then be familiar with it
So I can be easily make a manny point for win
However I must be grateful that I can playing basketball again
Just now I must be routine trainning hard in a sort time
And back it all my confidence, my own strength, my spirit feelings in the game as soon as posible
I must increase my own style and ability skill as much as I can soon
I want to become stronger
And seeking as a best player in the game

16th Poems in this April

Get Back To Be My Trueself For Become A Winner

April 23

I'm playing not for lose
I'm playing not to be can't be useful
But, trully..
I really want for win
I wanna can be use all my skill
All what I have
My own power to useful and be burning up
Take in Zone!
Until now since that time,
I can't playing so enjoying and fun
Cannot be seriously, and
Not fired up really too
I'm not like the first time was before that time.
Long time ago for the first time
I rembered was I can playing agressively
More serious
Enjoying it and have fun so much
I know that I'm playing total, I do it was
Not again then
And until for this time
How can I'm like this
Well, I'm still better than before But the spirit not improved
Even it's just so bad
It's really have a big impact in my action.
However, I know that I can be more strongly for trully
I know my own potential is so better than this
Just I must remember it again
What I had missed and losing in myself in my own way on this life
I must go hurry up for got my entire power strength soonly
Buzzer beater!

15th Poems in this April

Jumat, 19 April 2013

Nothing To Be Hero

April 20

Nothing to be hero
Just wanna feels the heart
Can be happiness
Come into my life
Nothing to be hero
Just wanna be avowed
By others people
Will be proud of me
Nothing to be hero
Just wanna be accepted
For the one reason
Love is important..
Love is important, love is important
Feeling meaningful and can be happiness
Love is important, love is important
Can make our life to be impressive
Love is important, love is important
Love each other, that's the best...
Nothing to be hero ~Oh
Just wanna share the love,
I will be share the loves to anyone...

14th in this April
| #Poems #Lyrics

Nothing To Be Hero

April 20

Nothing to be hero
I just wanna feels the heart
Can be happiness
Come into my life
Nothing to be hero
I just wanna be avowed
By others people
Will be proud of me
Nothing to be hero
I just wanna be accept
For the one reason
Love is important
:: Love is important, love is important
Feeling meaningful and can be happiness
Love is important, love is important
Can make our life to be impressive
Nothing to be hero...
I wanna share the love
I will be share the love

th in this April
| #Poems #Lyrics

Kamis, 18 April 2013

Maybe I Love You

April 19

When I looked at your face, I feel happy
When I am with you, I feel
Away with you makes me think of you
Everything about you makes me interested
Whether I like you?
Even more, maybe I love you
For a woman who caught my eye

13th Poems in this April

Rabu, 17 April 2013

Let's Pray For Boston Incident, For Our Peace World

In incident Boston Marathon Bombing.

Many people die, hurts, distressed, shocked.

Because of terorism.

Please stop it!

God heal our heart.

Let our heart fulfilled with Love and Peace in the truth way.

No hates and hurtness.

Kindness everywhere, everytime, everymoment.

Blessed to our World.

With the Holy Spirit.

Show the miracles.

Love to every people.

Happiness for our life.

I believe God will always give us the best. Amen

Senin, 15 April 2013

Waiting For That Day

April 16

Waiting for that day comes,
I'll be back
My dreams will soon reach me
The door to a brighter future will soon be wide open
Until then right happen,
I will try with all my power to make this a reallity
Try and pray for the future
I'll be back as soon as posible
Still waiting for that day...

12th Poems in this April

Hiduplah Untukku

Seakan hidupmu tak berarti,
Kau putuskan untuk mati
Takkah kau berpikir resikonya
Kenapa kau begitu egois?
Hanya memikirkan perasaanmu sendiri
Kasih tetaplah hidup, bertahanlah
Setidaknya lakukan itu untuk diriku
Diriku yang tulus mencintaimu
Menyayangimu sejak dulu
Aku ingin kau bahagia
Aku ingin bersamamu
Memberikan tulus kasih dan sayangku, untukmu kekasihku seorang
Hiduplah.. Setidaknya demi diriku

*Iseng, ide lewat begitu saja. Tapi sama sekali gak ada pengalaman pribadi mengenai tulisan di atas. Hoho~ Anyway, like this yo ;)d


By : Prasetyo Peuru Henry Putra
Disclaimer by : Fujimaki Tadatoshi
Rated : T+
Genre : Sport, Romance, Friendship,
Chara : - Kuroko - Momoi -
Warning : - OOC -
Story 1 part 1: "First Meet"
In Teikou Middle School, Kuroko joined Basketball Club to fulfill his promise. But, he’s just enter to string C. For fulfil his promise, Kuroko trainning hard more than else. Even when the practice ended, he still stayed in the court for trainning until midnight. One upon time, spread a rumors that in evening show a ghost in basketball court. To fix that rumors, Momoi as the manager of Teikou Middle School Basketball Club decided to check the court by herself in the evening. And, ... ???! When she entered to basketball court, she heard sound of basketball bounced. She felt little scarry of that. “Who’s playing basketball in the time like this?” Momoi wondered. She’s walking upstraight to check and ensure it. She really shock that the rumors are true. She looks a ghost playing basketball. The dribble really fast. A ghost can playing basketball. She can’t seen  obviously that ghost, the ghost dissapear. Feels really scary Momoi try to runaway. But, she’s fallsdown ... *puff* Kuroko stop playing. His looking for the sound was came up. “ehh’? Who’s that?” said Kuroko in his mind. His saw her. Then run immediately close to her. “Aww~ my legs..” Momoi moan. ... “Hey.. Are you okay?” Ask Kuroko. “Huh?” Momoi nervous. She’s turned toward the noise. “Ahh~~~” screamed Momoi. Kuroko shocked. “Quiet please. I’m human!” Kuroko trying to explained. The situation return to normal again. “Sorry, I think was you’re a ghost.” “Eh~ ..It’s okay, no problem. Umm.. By the way, you’re legs! Are you okay? Can you stand up? Maybe I can help you?” “I’m okay. Don’t worry. And.. thanks”. Then Momoi try to stand up by herself. But, “Ahh~” She will fallsdown again. Kuroko catched her. “You’re legs still hurt. I must be help you!” Said  Kuroko explicitly. Momoi just observe intently to his eyes. *dugdugdug..* Momoi heart beated so fast. Maybe that sounds heard by him too. Momoi blushed.
» to be continued...
Thanks for reading my second fanfiction story. It’s fanfiction are my first fanfiction in english language too. I feels so really happy. Thanks to Miku Hatsune, without her maybe I can’t make this fanfiction. Haha... ‘cause I promised to her was to make a fanfiction about KnB. I must fulfill my promised, just like Tetsu (Kuroko). And this is it, you’re has been finished to read it all the one part of the story. I dedicated this fanfiction for her. She was support me, help me got any idea to making it. Thanks a lot to Misaki-chan. Gbu. And for reader, thank you I said again. Hope you’re enjoyed and happy. Please for the critique and suggestions. God bless you all... ~~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~~
KUROxMOMO Story 1 part 2 : “Awesome!”

Kuroko and Momoi now become partner in Teikou Middle School. Momoi love Kuroko eventough Kuroko still stayed cool and not said about his feelings. Momoi always cared to Kuroko as Manager Club Basketball. Kuroko love Momoi too but for the others condition his must focus on tournament with the team. One time Kuroko show his first ability in the playing match team. It’s called Magic Drive Phantom Shot. Every poeple in the court just like dreaming cannot see what his doing. But the ball always in the score has to be 21-12 in first match until playing off his combined his skill with technique missdirection so impressive. Momoi looks so happy seeing Kuroko as her Prince Lover. And the match is ended with score 98-42. “Awesome! Kuroko your so amazing.”, said Momoi to Kuroko. “And the team too so Great!”. Then Kuroko said too Momoi, “Thanks Momoi-Chan :)”.
To be continued.....

Journey Experience With Becak

April 15

I am on the way
In the tricycle or becak if called in Indonesia
It's so nice
We can looking at around and feels the wind to be closed
In the journey, actually I'll take some picture
It's a hobby are make me happy,
Interesting and I loved it
The driver just swing his becak behind, go to the place I'm ordered before
And when we came to the right place, I will pay him and thanks for the journey
Good experience

11th Poems in this April

Haha :'D

Friendship And Romance

April 15

Friendship and romance,
both are equally tricky thing
But people still need it
Because of both of them that taught us a lot about..
appreciate, and
pay attention to each other
Also there are many other important lessons about life that can be learned of it
They should be based on love
Friendship and romance...

10th Poems in this April


Minggu, 14 April 2013

I Am You're Lover

April 14

Can you feeling my heart
Aimed at you
I really fallin in you girl ..Yeah
Can you hear my heart
Calling for you
I wanna say what my true heart feels
I love you
I need you
I want you
Because I'm you're lover
I love you...

9th Poems in this April

xP love, love... <3

Jumat, 12 April 2013

Where The Life Is Not Same Like A Drama

April 12

Eventough I love a romance drama
And my heart always touched of it
Can make me shed a tears
But, my life.. The real life
Is not same like the drama
With the nice plots and the happy ending
My life,
My love,
My happiness
The happy ending of my life
It's in my hand
The decides what I choose
It will show everything for the future
True or false
I wanna make a best story in my life
The true happy ending...

8th Poems in this April

Kamis, 11 April 2013

New Friend, Cute Girl From Looking Around

April 12

Looking around for friend, haha
Wishes to get a new friend that I don't know before
A nice person
Finally, I got a someone new.. whoa~
Girl, a nice girl with cute smiled

I am try to say hi
"Can you reply and accept me?" said me in my mind
And, Yes, she accept me.. yay
I am talking with her
Maybe we can be a nice friend
Have a close friendship, hope so
I wanna know her more
I believe it will be nice... Yeah
This the beginning from looking around

7th Poems in this April

Rabu, 10 April 2013

Still Loves You

April 10

When I remembered you
'Cause of something happenstance
The feelings about us are return
I shed tears once again
I miss you so much
Many days in my life,
Many moment I has been
Still didn't forget you until now
Flowing tears in my face
Regrets in my heart,
I don't have the guts to tell you the truth
Memory about us
Was so really happy
Our very close friendship, but
Deeper in my heart
I really loves you
And now..
It just full of regrets I feels
Flowing tears means you weren't forgotten
I miss you
I know, I can't forget you
Because I need you so by my side
I still love you...

6th Poems in this April


April 10

The Day when I woke up this morning
No sunrise, clouded
This heart feels the same
No warm no peace
The rain will be came
My eyes wanna shed the tears
Hurts in heart
Clouded everywhere
Gloomy days, today
Yesterday and long time ago,
Make me sick until now
Pain in my feelings
Broken heart of the situation
Clouded today, clouded my day
Clouded my heart

5th Poems in this April

Senin, 08 April 2013

Just Wanna Playing Basketball Now

April 9

I wanna playing Basketball this morning
But the weather is cloud, I wish it can't be rain
Well, I still didn't decided
I live in my others family
It's complicated for me to ask them,
Can I playing Basketball now?
Oh God, how must I say that?
Why my mouth hard to open and this voice can't be talking?
I wanna playing Basketball now
Jeez, bad feelings

4th Poems in this April

Sweet Expression

April 8

Wow, I'm was so happy..
When read her message response that my story are very sweet
Yay, thank God
Sweet.. That's words really heard like the meaning
It's so adorable for me
Make me more proud and happy,
She's likes my present
The story I made it for her, cause was I'm promised it ..Haha
It's funny when I remember it again
Nice, make me smiled right now

3rd Poems in this April.

Minggu, 07 April 2013

A Hopeless Words Moment

April 8

Just a words
But, sometimes it can be change everything
I'm so tired
Tired of everything in this world
My life.. Not good.
I've a manny of dream
I wish it can be happened someday in the future
Altough now I'm so hopeless
Maybe 'cause too manny hurt things I got in this life
I can move on by myself
But I am naive
I'm fall in the desperate things
I can walking too far again
I need to take a rest for a while
So pain, and tired
I wanna sleep away
But didn't
Can someone help me? I can't take it anymore
But I must to be go back hurry
Just where? Where can I go back? To feels the peace in this life..
I just wanna happy, happy with others too
Naive.. I'm done with this
So bad, damn
I am just like a loser, if like this
Oh God...

2nd Poems in this April

Sabtu, 06 April 2013


April 7

Just a few moments ago I joined
It can be yesterday,
Now became today
But only a few minutes
Hi.. I'm recently joined
Feels happy can be participated
I founding the message are sending in my email adress 2 days ago
And just realize it yesterday
Haha.. at sixth days,
And now are seventh days.
I must be grateful, maybe it's just like a destiny
Like a Genesis in Holy Bible.
Altough was I had a little confused how to start it,
But I keep on it as a matter of course
At least this is my beginning
Nice to meet you ;)

Hanya beberapa saat yang lalu aku ikut
Bisa dikatakan itu kemarin,
Sekarang menjadi hari ini
Padahal hanya selang beberapa menit
Hai.. Aku baru bergabung,
Senang rasanya bisa ikut berpartisipasi
Aku menemukan surat yang dikirim ke alamat emailku 2 hari yang lalu
Dan baru menyadarinya kemarin
Haha.. di hari yang ke enam,
Dan kini adalah hari ke tujuh.
Aku patut bersyukur, mungkin ini seperti takdir
Seperti di Kitab Kejadian.
Meskipun awalnya aku sedikit bingung bagaimana memulainya,
Namun ku terus menjalaninya saja seperti hal yang biasa
Setidaknya inilah awal mula dariku
Senang bertemu denganmu ;)

©Prasetyo Peuru Henry Putra

NaPoWriMo April 2013 - Challenge 30 Poems in 30 Days
Yay I like it. x39 *semangat!*

Quotes Holy Bible

Matius 6:33 -- "Tetapi carilah dahulu Kerajaan Allah dan kebenarannya, maka semuanya itu akan ditambahkan kepadamu." -- Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia (TB) Terjemahan Baru.



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