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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sense of Destiny In My Life

When the super gloomy came to my life for the first time
I don’t know why, what must I to do
this is first of too much problem in my life
this is very different, so difficult on my thinking
so painful, I’m really down and crushed
                     I lost everything on myself,
                not money or anything like a property, wealth or anything like that
                but this soul, my confidence, my straight mind
                the true of real me is gone... gone...
I lost myself
I like wanna suicide for this situation
I really hurt, I am alone
the dark in surround me
I’m feel so broken heart
                But, ...
                I’m still alive
                I have a choice
                I must choose
                because, I have a chance
                and I don’t want to be like this
I go...
I go for far away
to heal me... now by myself
maybe the feelings of that situation can come again
but I think for now,
I can feels free...
I just wanna be happy
                until for the second the gloomy making me will be crazy
                but for the umpteenth time I’m save again
                I’m lucky, ‘cause many of kind people in near me
                their very helping me for still alive
I still survive and I really be grateful
for everything on my life
I know and I get’ll my destiny to my life
The way of my life making me to be stronger
                I’ll gonna die if was I give up
                or... maybe I can still to be here
                because I’ve angel... angel from God
                to always protect me,
                even if I ever will to be killed of something
                inside or outside of me,
 but I know for a one something important
why I’m still here
I can use my all power for the true meaning of my life
my destiny to be alive... in my life

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